What can SCS do for me?

  • Help you learn new skills.
    • Through our tutorials, you’ll encounter tools and programming languages that you may never see in your classes, such as Git, Android and Python. These skills will help you tremendously when working on projects and looking for a job.

  • Give you extra programming practice.
    • Aside from a few small assignments and projects, your classes won’t give you very much practical experience. During our weekly Algorithm Time event, you can challenge yourself with fun coding problems, some of which can potentially be given to you in a real job interview. You can also participate in awesome programming competitions like CS Games and IEEEXtreme, which are not only tons of fun but give you excellent coding practice.

  • Help you in your job hunt.
    • Networking is extremely important when it comes to your future career. We host events like guest speakers and company tours, which will give you the opportunity to meet with representatives of different companies and build your network.

  • Help you make new friends and have fun!
    • We host a number of social events throughout the year, such as Lizard Lounge, Milk & Cookies, and Wine & Cheese. You’ll meet tons of really cool people and make your experience as a Concordia student worthwhile.

Do I need to be in COMP, SOEN or COEN to participate?

Nope, students from other programs and faculties are welcome to attend our events.

How do I subscribe to the mailing list and what emails will I receive?

The form to subscribe to the mailing list is on this page. By subscribing to it, you’ll receive our weekly SCS newsletter, where we let you know about our upcoming events and any other announcements. You can unsubscribe at any time.

How can I become an executive on SCS?

We hold elections for our executive positions every year around April.

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