SCS Tutorials

Each year, SCS organizes various tutorials, including:

  • Introduction to Git: Git is a version control system used widely in software development. In this workshop, you will learn the basics of Git and acquire skills that will greatly benefit you in your career.
  • Unix Fundamentals via the Shell: An introduction to Linux via Bash, the default shell (command line interface) on Mac and most Linux distributions. In this workshop, you will learn various commands, file system basics, pipe-and-filter model, and the basics of scripting and automation.
  • Python Workshop: An introduction to the basics of Python, a high-level, general purpose, dynamic programming language. This course covers the built-in types and data structures, functions, and how to write basic scripts.
  • Android Tutorial: Interested in mobile development? This workshop provides an introduction to Android development and give you the tools to get started on building your first Android application.
  • Unity Tutorial: Are you interested in game development? Learn how to build your first game with Unity, a popular and fun-to-use cross-platform game engine.

Spice Up Your Life

The Spice Up Your Life! event is Meet & Greet event we organize between students and professors within the Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSE) department. These professors are interested in finding students to help them with their research; this event is a great opportunity for students to get to know the professors and learn about the potential undergraduate research opportunities with the professors over the summer, such as the NSERC USRA program. If that wasn't enough, this event includes FREE spicy food!

For more information on our tutorials or the Spice Up Your Life event, you can contact our VP Academic at [email protected].

SCS Algorithm Time

Algorithm Time is a 2-hour event that happens every week; at each session, we will solve problems of different levels and, at the end, discuss the various methods and algorithms that can be used to solve the problems.

This event will help you sharpen your problem solving skills and prepare you for coding questions that you will see during job interviews! So, come practice your skills with us and also have some fun! All skill levels are welcome, and volunteers will be there to help if you need it!

Visit the Algorithm Time Facebook page or Algorithm Time website for more information.

Coding Night

SCS Coding Nights happens twice a month during the evening, where you can work on a project of your choice, or program in teams in a pre-determined project! Last year, the project was to create a chess bot. Help is provided throughout the development process, along with introductions for how to use Git for group projects, creating object-oriented logic, and more.

For more information on Coding Night or Algorithm Time, contact our VP Projects at [email protected].

Clothing Sale for SOEN/COEN/ELEC/COMP Students


SCS has some hot clothing items for SOEN, COEN, ELEC, and CompSci students! At the beginning of each Fall and Winter semester, SCS will be selling hoodies and crewnecks tailored to each program.

Please see our calendar and stay tuned on Facebook for the dates of the next sale.

Lizard Lounge

Lizard Lounge is a weekly social event hosted by a different ECA society each week. Every semester, SCS hosts one edition of this event, and it is not to be missed. Come hang out with awesome people and make new friends, complete with drinks, snacks, games, and more!

Milk & Cookies

At the end of every semester, SCS provides a de-stressing event called Milk & Cookies, where you can grab a free snack of freshly-baked cookies and milk, kick back to relax, and have a good time hanging out and playing retro video games or board games with other awesome people at the B-Annex lounge!

Wine & Cheese

SCS hosted it's first Wine & Cheese last year, with great success! Wine & Cheese is a popular semi-formal event where students can network with fellow students and company representatives. This is a great opportunity to meet with professionals and learn about their experiences in the technology industry, while indulging in great wine and snacks at the same time!

For more information on Lizard Lounge and other SCS social events, you can contact our VP Social at [email protected].